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Advanced Metals Group, L.L.C.

Advanced Metals Group, which owns one iron casting foundry and two aluminum castings manufacturing companies in North America, has an ongoing commitment to acquiring companies in the iron and aluminum and other metal working industries. While continuing to operate independently, AMG’s iron casting foundry and aluminum casting foundries are able to take advantage of shared financial and operational resources and economies of scale, in order to better compete in today’s global casting market. AMG’s commitment to Financial Stability, Cross-Selling, Lean Manufacturing and Sound Management Practices has also allowed its iron castings and aluminum castings companies to stay focused on other critical tasks required to experience continued growth.
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Foundry Locations and Capabilities

The iron casting foundry and aluminum castings foundries are located in Texas, Ohio and Washington. Our iron and aluminum castings companies currently utilize green sand casting, lost foam castings, air set casting, no bake castings, permanent mold and shell mold casting processes to create gray iron castings, ductile iron castings and aluminum castings for OEM’s and their suppliers in the aviation, aerospace, military, heavy equipment, heavy machinery, chemical, oil field, waterworks, agricultural equipment, and other industries. The casting foundries use Hunter, Beardsley Piper, and other types of molding equipment to produce precision aluminum and iron cast products for those industries.

Advanced Metals’ reputation as a premier supplier is built on producing reliable, high quality, precision iron and aluminum castings with superior mechanical properties. You can count on Advanced Metals’ highly-trained engineering staff to help determine the most effective combination of iron and aluminum alloys, casting methods, melting practices, gating design, finishing and heat treatments to meet your product performance criteria.

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